The Prize - english

The Prize

Promoted by the  "Barbara Cappochin" Foundation and the Order of Architects   of Padua, the  "Barbara Cappochin" Prize is a cultural event that offers an area of ​​excellence for the global analysis, discussion and promotion of architecture "

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"....This architectural Award aims to ensure that the discipline will have a niche of quality and makes it a possible to showcase outstanding works, in which the discipline finds a fertile ground to ensure that  the values appropriate to building will find a favourable application and expression....."
(from the speek of Mario Botta - published in the catalogue of the Prize)

".....No fewer than 430 architects from 50 countries have submitted projectsto the various sections, which therefore cover every corner of the planet ....Celebrated architects, soon to be famous architects, young architects but extremaly detrminated to "do well": this is the professional and artistic context in which the Prize works....."
(from the speek of Giancarlo Galan - President of the  Regione Veneto - published in the catalogue of the Prize)

"....It is very interesting to see in the fourth edition of this International  Prize, an increasing understanding of how architects through their skills and use of materials can show the world that it is possible to delicatly design buildings that are of their time, relate sensitively with their environment without an unlimited budget...."
(from the speek of Louise Cox - President of Unione International Union of Architect U.I.A.  - published in the catalogue of the Prize)

"..... Sustenability, as a scale of aesthetic, ethical and poltical judgement, creates an architecture that is not just about a building or buildings, but about creating an environment for survival and well-being, shared expression and solidarity....."
( from the speek of  Gaetan Siew - President of the  Jury and U.I.A Past President)


Lancio del Premio 2009

Turin 29 June to 3 July 2008, during the XXIII World Congress of Architects, which saw the participation of Barbara Cappochin Foundation, launched the 2009 edition of the Biennial and was announced  the greatest architect who will prepare the next exhibition Palazzo della Ragione.

On April 30, 2009 in London at the Italian Cultural Institute was held the launch of the Biennial "Barbara Cappochin" 2009 edition  with the announcement that the architect Zaha Hadid will be the star of the show at the Palazzo della Ragione.

On March 18, 2009 in Padua in the Sala Bresciani Alvarez City Council was held on the launch of the Biennial "Barbara Cappochin" 2009 edition

Announcement of the Prize and Minutes of the Jury meeting