Regional Mentions - english

Regional Mentions

Project of the outside spaces and green setup
Intervention of recovery of the island of Sacca Sessola in Venice

CZ Studio Associati - arch. Laura Zampieri

Explanation of the Jury: the project faces with ability and safety the difficult theme of the completion of the external spaces of a historical garden, in a sensitive place as an island of Venetian laggon. The result is a clear and contemporary sketch, perfectly congruos in the lagoon landscape.

HD images

HM_CZ Studio Associati_01.jpg
HM_CZ Studio Associati_02.jpg
HM_CZ Studio Associati_03.jpg
HM_CZ Studio Associati_04.jpg


Santa Croce Convent - Canal Grande (Venice)
(A+M)2 Architects - arch. Marcello Galiotto

Explanation of the Jury: the restauration  of the Convent is a careful Job, respectful of the structures and quality of the building, it proceeds with small interventions where the choice of the materials and the details do the difference. The result is a place that adapts history and contemporary life without frictions.

HD images

HM_A+M 2 Architects_01.jpg
HM_A+M 2 Architects_03.jpg
HM_A+M 2 Architects_02.jpg
HM_A+M 2 Architects_04.jpg