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First Prize: ing. Lucio Bonafede

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Landscape architecture

Jury's observations:

The extraordinary simplicity of this bridge strikes us, together with its beauty and expressiveness. Its morphology and slant are its essential qualities. The link between two different levels is archived with special elegance. It spans the water and reaches the ancient architecture of the city walls with grat delicacy

Balestra Bridge

The brief called for the construction of a permanent footbridge across the rampart of Cittadella, an anciant walled town in the province of Padua.
The footbridge was planned to span the moat surrounding the town wall, close to the existing pedestrian footbridge connecting the wall to the public hospitel complex 

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project: Ponte Balestra

ingegnere: Lucio Bonafede

tipology: landscape

place: Cittadella - Italy


Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Leonardi Pietro - Gianmarco Polis architects


project: Unifamiliare
tipology:  residential
place:  Noventa Padovana, Italy
contractor : Tiemme Costruzioni Edili spa
client: Stefano Rigato
Honourable Mention

Honourable Mention

Galfetti Aurelio architect

project: Net Center
tipology:  commercial/managerial/mixed
place:  Padova, Italy
contractor : Edilbasso spa
client: Net srl