International Mentions - english

International Mentions

Honorable Mention - Local Health Care Centre

Honorable Mention - Local Health Care Centre

Planner:  Maria Hurtado de Mendoza


This mention rewards the significant architectural quality used for a public project, that is capable of creating an original space with high quality internal areas. The relationships between solids and voids are both complex and controlled, granting the construction a strong personality without breaking its relationship with the surrounding urban context.

progetto/project: Centro di Assistenza Comunale/Local Health Care Centre
architetto/architect: Maria Hurtado de Mendoza
collaboratori/collaborators: Alvar Ruiz, Roland Halbe, Greasyt SA
tipologia/tiology: architettura pubblica/public architecture
luogo/place:  Madrid- Spagna/Madrid-Spain
impresa/company: Cadarso XXI
committente/client: Madrid Salud
Honorable Mention - Foundation of Rehabilitation a...

Honorable Mention - Foundation of Rehabilitation and conservation of Marine Animals

Planner: Jordi Hidalgo Tané, Daniela Hartmann


This mention rewards the solid clarity of this research complex that seeks to build a clear and primary relationship with the surrounding landscape and the sea shore.

The architectural design is balanced and cleanly detailed in its choice of volumes and in its overall composition.


progetto/project: Foundation of rehabilitation and conservation of marine animals
arrchitetti/architects:Jordi Hidalgo Tané, Daniela Hartmann
tipologia/tipology: architettura pubblica/public architecture
luogo/place: Spagna/Spain
impresa/company: Excover SA
committente/client: Ajuntament del Prat del LLobregat
Honorable Mention - Museum of Contemporary Art in ...

Honorable Mention - Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

Planner:  Claudio Nardi

Parere della Giuria:

This mention rewards the contemporary project's ability to reinterpret the existing space by giving it a new value and identity.

The project fits sympathetically within the existing factory building creating a superior public space and exhibition area.


progetto/project: Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow

architetto: Claudio Nardi
collaboratori/collaborator: Leonardo Maria Proli
luogo/place: Cracovia, Polonia/Cracovia, Poland
impresa/company: Wardbud SA
committente/client: GhinaMiejska, Krakow, Zarzad Buoynkow Komunalnych