International H. Mentions - english

Special Mention of the Jury and Honorable Mentions



arch. Giancarlo Artese - Studio made in Earth (onlus)
Naepolitan designers in help of Indian Children

Explanation of the Jury: the residence for children HIV positive in the region of the Tamil Nandu, in India, it shows as the good architecture, realized with limited resources and poetic transport for the destination of use, can improve the quality of the life of the people, also in the drama. The sketch "miesiano", declined with the materials and the colors of the places, is a small masterpiece.

HD images

HM_Made in Earth ONLUS_02.jpg
HM_Made in Earth ONLUS_03.jpg
HM_Made in Earth ONLUS_04.jpg
HM_Made in Earth ONLUS_05.jpg


Project of urban requalification in Mestre
Archipiùdue Paolo Miotto and Mauro Sarti architects

Explanation of the Jury: the project made through a contract of district, make pedestrian and colleague different parts of the outskirts of Mestre, by a participated method that involves the citizens, redrawing with attention and ability, without formalistic exhibition, the public speaces exhibition regenerating the habitat and valorizing the urban empty speace and the existing one.

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HM_Archipiudue Paolo Miotto Mauro Sarti Architetti...
HM_Archipiudue Paolo Miotto Mauro Sarti Architetti...
HM_Archipiudue Paolo Miotto Mauro Sarti Architetti...
HM_Archipiudue Paolo Miotto Mauro Sarti Architetti...

Early childreen centre of 60 cribs (presepi)
arch. Samuel Delmas

Explanation of the Jury: the center of reception for children to Asnieres-sur-Seine is a beautiful project that faces the theme of the insertion of a new building in the consolidated city, of the form to the service of the environment, of the ability of the architecture to create serene and cheerful environments. The composition of the volumes is intelligent and simple, of great quality in its solutions to the inside that to the outside, in a coherent and original whole.

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HM_a+Samueldelmas Architectes_02.jpg
HM_a+Samueldelmas Architectes_04.jpg
HM_a+Samueldelmas Architectes_01.jpg
HM_a+Samueldelmas Architectes_05.jpg

Noie a cooperative house
arch. Aihara Madoka - Tokyo

Explanation of the Jury: the project resolves, with rationality and radicalism, the problem of the dense city and of the difficulty of make space of community shared. The architecture faces here the theme of the residence with a simple and rational architecure, innovative not so much in the composition of the single buildings, how much in the morphology of the plant  creating a micro-district with public spaces, communes and privacies.

Immagini in HD

HM_YUUA Architects & Associates_02.jpg
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