Award Cerimony - english

Award Cerimony

On October 26th there was the Award Cerimony  with Antonella Ruggero Concert at the Verdi Theatre in Padua

Two moments of Antonella Ruggero Concert


The intervention of Leopoldo Freyrie,  President  of Architects, Planners and Landscapers and Conservationists  of Italy

The intervention of engineer Marino Zorzato, Vicepresident of the Regione Department

The intervention of the prof. Gilberto Muraro, President of the Foundation for Advanced Biomedical Research onlus

The intervention of the architect Giuseppe Cappochin, President of the  Barbara Cappochin Foundation and of the Order of Architects of Padua 

Prizegiving of the architects Fabrizio Barozzi e Roberto Veiga, winners of the International Prize

Prizegiving of the architect Abe Ryo, winner of the Detail Prize

Prizegiving of the architect Jame Magen, winner of the "Giancarlo Ius" Gold Medal

Delivery of the Plate  - Estudio Entresitio, winner of the Honorable Mention

Delivery of the Plate - Hidalgo Hartmann Arquitectura, winner of the Honorable Mention 

Delivery of the Plate - Striolo Fochesato&Partner, winner of the Honorable Mention