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Jury’s Special Prize

Jury’s Special Prize

11 March Memorial for the victims

The jury singled out the monument to the victims of terrorism in Madrid for its special emotional significance. By its use of glass, a material which is fragile and transparent but structurally strong, it conveys a message of strength, memory and hope.


project: 11th March Memorial for the victims

architect: Miguel Jaenicke Fontao

type: commemorative monument

place: Madrid, Spain

date: 2007

contractor: Dragados S.A.

client: Madrid City Council and Renfe

surface area: 497.5 sq m; room underneath: 1,088

sq m round step

Honourable Mention – Residential, public and priva...

Honourable Mention – Residential, public and private architecture

Jury’s Assessment:

“This architecture fits well into a powerful context, confronting it with its suspended, linear form.”


project: St. Andrews, Melbourne, Australia

architect: Sean Godsell

collaboratori: Hyley Franklin

type: residential

place: St. Andrews, Melbourne, Australia

date: 2005

contractor: Quality Design and Construction, Inc.

client Mr and Mrs D McNair

surface area: 260 sq m

volume: 3,900 cu m

St. Andrews Beach House

Honourable Mention – Commercial, executive and mix...

Honourable Mention – Commercial, executive and mixed

Jury’s Assessment:


“A strongly expressive project, both in its composition and its use of the materials in shapes and in architectural elements which are original in this context.”


architect: Marcio Kogan

collaborators: Bruno Gomes, Bruno Guedes,

type: commercial

place: Hiroshima, Japan

date: 2006-2007

contractor: Pentagono Engenharia

client: VolumeB_micasa

surface areas: 832 sq m site; 1,070 sq m built area

Vitra retail furniture store

Hiroshima, Japan

Honourable Mention – Landscape Architecture

Honourable Mention – Landscape Architecture

Jury’s Assessment:


“An original re-interpretation of a defensive wall, which becomes a building instead of a barrier; a spatial and enjoyable element, which reorganises the surrounding environment.”


project: Muraglia Nazarí

architect: Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas

collaborators: Michele Panella, Alberto García

Moreno, David Arredondo Garrido, Michele Loiacono, Manuel

Guzmán Costaños, Miguel Dumont Mingorance, Miguel

Rodriguez López, Gustavo Romera Clavero, Erwan Blanchard,

Maylis Vignau

type: public

place: Albaicin Alto, Granada, Spain

date: 2005

contractor: Entorno y Vegetación

client: Fundación Albaicín

surface area: 66,538 sq m

Muraglia Nazarí

Albaicin Alto, Granada, Spain